Our friend @becky.tong – a regular at #TheItalianBuilding – wears many hats – literally. Not only is she a music entrepreneur but she’s also a champion tie-dyer and now has her own brand selling up cycled clothes, @rewind.garms ✨

“Rewind is something I started in the first lockdown, I was bored at home wanting to tie-dye a bunch of clothes that needed to be chucked away but that felt like such a waste. So I realised dying them gave them new life. I got quite into the technique and using more sustainable dyes.”

Here’s how to get started in tie-dying with a few everyday ingredients such a beetroot and turmeric 🍠

1. Tie up your tee in your desired pattern. The tighter the string the more of the original colour will appear in your final design. The style pictured will give you one main circle however you can choose to do several smaller circles. 

2 Bring a pan of water to the boil and then add in six tablespoons of turmeric powder and swirl. If you are using beetroot – peel and cut the beetroot and then boil the flesh for two hours. Once boiled, strain out the flesh keeping the beetroot water. Add this red water back to the pan and put your tee back in the pot to simmer for two hours.

3. Bring a clean pot to the boil and add half a bottle of the @RitDye color fixative. Add in your tee and keep this just below boiling whilst continually stirring for another 20minutes.

Et voila – your t-shirt just got a hell of a lot cooler! Enjoy ☀️

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