Tried out bouldering yet? We’ve been loving it with our housemates – and it’s a great way of keeping both your body and mind active 🙌🏼⁠⁠
🅱 ouldering is a great activity because it: ⁠⁠
🅾 ffers the opportunity to improve overall flexibility and coordination⁠⁠
🆄 ses pretty much all of your upper body and leg muscles, giving you a full body workout⁠⁠
🅻 ets you push and challenge yourself and your body⁠⁠
🅳 evelops your focus and has meditative effects⁠⁠
🅴 ngages the brain ⁠⁠
🆁 elieves stress⁠⁠
🅸 s a social activity, perfect to do with mates ⁠⁠
🅽 eeds perseverance and promotes a personal challenge, no matter your fitness level⁠⁠
🅶 oes a long way in challenging your cardiovascular system⁠⁠

So what do you think? Ready to give it a go?

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